Naomi Parker Fraley
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Naomi Parker-Fraley and Ada Wyn Parker-Morford in Richmond, Ca. 2009
Naomi's little sister Ada Wyn Parker, age 91 taken this year. She was there on that same day with Naomi working at the Alameda Naval Air Station and is the "what not to wear in the workplace" photo model.
This is a picture of Naomi Parker, (Left), her sister, Ada Wyn Parker,(middle), and Frances Johnson on the right. Photo was taken at the Alameda Naval Air Station in 1942. Ada Wyn Parker is showing us what not to wear in the workplace. Naomi(94),and Wyn (91),are still alive Living together here in Northern California
Here's a 47 second long clip of Rosie's in the work place. It was filmed on March 21, 1942 at the Alameda Naval Air Station. At the 4 second mark of the clip pause it. Who's that familiar face with the red with white polka-dotted bandana on her head? I'll give you one guess! 
ENJOY! Naomi sends her love.
 Naomi worked in 1942 at the Alameda Naval Air Station ( pictured below). Joseph Parker  walked his two daughters in so they could apply for the job. During her interview she remembers them asking her did she know how to use certain tools. At Ada Wyn's interview, the man asked her if she knew what a differential was? Wyn replied, isn't it on the rear end of a automobile? The man said, You're hired!
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Naomi and son, Joseph 1944
Ada Wyn 92 (right)
 Naomi Parker Fraley 94 (left)
In the 1970's Naomi wrote and copyrighted this song.  She'd like to share it with the world, called 
"America, Come Back To The Lord"
Naomi and Ada Wyn  worked as waitresses after World War II, including at the legendary Doll House restaurant in Palm Springs, Frank Sinatra and his buddies often stopped in and the Ladies did wait on him.
This photo captures Ada Wyn working at the Doll house.
(Image Below)
Naomi poses "We Can Do It!" (above) 
Photo Taken Sept. 2015
During Naomi's lifetime, she did various charity work. She, along with her two sister's, Althea and Ada Wyn formed a Christian Music Group called, "The Three Sister's", and Naomi wrote most of the music.  They played with Charlie Beal, whom also played with Louis Armstrong 
For nearly 40 years, Naomi and Ada Wyn have been Ordained Ministers Of The Gospel
Lonely is the night
Lonely is the town
Lonely is the moon
That is looking down
Buildings standing tall
Weary shadows fall
Like long hungry arms 
Embracing us all.
In street lights overhead
Your Laughing eyes, I read
At our last meeting I regret
Were filled with tears, I see them yet
From place to place, I go
From face to face, I go
But, all I see are faces bleak
Only for themselves , they seek
I go to my retreat
Where dwells on lonely street
Only a Shadow
Your fleeting shadow
On deserted streets on my mind
Lonely is the Night.
Written by :
-Naomi Parker-Fraley 
Above is a video John Fraley shot on Dec. 24 2014 and is a video of Naomi singing a song she wrote. She was 93 when this was taken.
Here Are the words:
Ada Wyn (92) and Naomi (95)
Video Below is another song written by Naomi, called 
DAUGHTER, sung by Althea, Naomi's youngest sister