Naomi Parker Fraley
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We commissioned German painter Gabi Worlsinger to paint Naomi's Iconic Image and her husband, Edward, helped in various stages of the painting, from frame to clear-coat. He made this video titled
Making of Naomi the Riveter Painting
This is a video made by Edward Worlsinger titled, Naomi the Riveter on the way to USA 
The above video is of Naomi and Ada Wyn titled, Naomi and Ada Send A special message to Germany 
On Dec. 27 the painting arrived, I, John Fraley, made this video to briefly explain how the painting came to pass
The Painting Unveiled pt.1
The Painting Unveiled Part 2 
Naomi and Ada Wyn send Ed and Gabi
A Special Thank You package.  Ed made this video of his opening of it 
Germany's Artist, Gabi Worlsinger Poses in front of her Masterpiece before shipping it to the USA,
Rosie On, Gabi
You Did It!
Ed and Gabi send their 
wishes for a safe and 
Happy New Year
This poster translates to:Connected in Friendship
US Postage Stamp Made of the Painting
In Oct. 2015, As I was researching the photo, I came across this video on YouTube, (Above).  I made a comment on it, and the rest is History, (or Her story)